Some of our many volunteers

This picture was taken at our Grand Opening celebration in 2019. Some faces have changed as more people have come to join our wonderful family.

Spotlight On Volunteers

Meet Teresa. She was born in Wisconsin but raised as a southern girl in Raleigh, NC. She graduated from UNC Charlotte with her undergraduate degree in nursing and UVA with her masters in nursing. She has had a varied career in psychiatric nursing and nursing education. She lived in Charlotte area where she worked for Mecklenburg Mental Health Hospital and Mercy Hospital, along with Mercy Hospital School of Nursing. It was their love of fishing that ultimately prompted her and husband Tom to move to Beaufort. After arriving here, Teresa taught nursing at TCL for 18 years, followed by a five year stint at USCB. Teresa loves ACC basketball and spends her free time in her wood working shop or making various craft items which she sells in her online Etsy store, TidalBasin. She has 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Teresa came to The Lending Room as a volunteer about a year ago (spring 2019) but her initial exposure to The Lending Room was as a recipient of equipment after a double fracture in her leg. On a side note, during the Covid-19 pandemic Teresa has been busy making reusable cloth masks for all of our volunteers. The Lending Room is so grateful that Teresa has come on board to be our Friday volunteer.